• List of all Airports in Georgia

    There are 3 international airports in Georgia: Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi. And 2 domestic ones - Natakhtari (near Tbilisi) and Mestia (Svaneti).

  • Travel guide to Georgia

    A complete and detailed guide on how to organize a trip to Georgia. What to expect from the journey, when and why to go, what to see, how to plan everything and much more.

  • Everything You need to Know about Skiing in Georgia

    There are 5 ski resorts In Georgia, located in completely different parts of the country. These are Bakuriani, Gudauri, Goderdzi, Khatsvali and Tetnuldi.

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Fah Townhome — a really nice place to stay in Chiang Mai

A modern and comfortable townhouse, which is truely a home away from home.


You should go to Mae Kuang Dam

Seeking adventure around Chiang Mai led to a place surprisingly reminding the north of Montenegro. With cool bonuses — for example, you can ride a boat with your bike. Which we surely did.


How to extend Thai visa in Chiang Mai

How to extend your Thailand tourist visa in Chiang Mai.


Land Split — a must see in Pai

Quite an unusual place which in basically just a garden of a local farmer. Perhaps the strangest garden you can imagine)


Fantastic viewpoint to find your inner peace

From all the places I’ve been Pai is one of the best (for me, of course). And this viewpoint is one of the best places in Pai.


How can a tourist get a Thai Driver’s License

Since my hubby Sasha has just got a driver’s licence and now can legally ride a motorbike in Thailand, I want to share this useful and up-to-date information what to expect if you’re going to get the licence in Chiang Mai.


Good and Bad Things about Georgia

Pros and cons of Georgia for spending vacation or staying for a long time. Travel tips, reviews and personal impressions.


Hidden Gems of 7/11 in Thailand

7/11 is a chain of small convenient stores, which you can also find in Thailand. Obviously, you will — they are located on every 300-500 meters no matter where you go, and sometimes even closer. On a small area you’ll meet is a huge amount of different goods, some (or most) will be unfamiliar. So, […]


Districts and beaches of Koh Samui

Let’s talk about beaches and districts of Koh Samui. Whisch are better for vacation or long stay?


Best Gifts from Thailand

What to bring home as a gift from your trip to Thailand, if you are not a big fan of Chinese fridge magnets.