Moon Cafe, the best coffee in my life

If you suddenly get to the north of Thailand, do yourself a favor — go have a coffee at Moon Cafe.

We were regulars as we lived nearby at Fah Townhome.

The coffee shop is connected to a typical Thai eatery, and all this together belongs to the hosts of the house where we lived in Chiang Mai.

But that’s not the reason why I admire their coffee so much.

More than six months have passed since we left Thailand, but so far we haven’t drank anything even close the coffee that Vision made for us. In Sri Lanka, all the coffee we tasted was plain, with too little beans and too much water. The coffee we buy in coffee shops in Belarus is also dissappointing. Too average, with lots of caramel syrup.

Vision’s coffee was different. I still remember the flavour — pure divine nectar!

I often took it out, and boat some fried bananas from the lady by the road. And brought it all to our balcony.

All this together was one of the most delicious breakfasts in the whole world.

The menu has a bunch of pages with drinks options, prices ranging from 35 to 70 baht for a very generous glass. On their Instagram out the serving size and how many cool options they can make.

We tried a lot of them, but our favourite were: Iced Cappuccino, Moon Style Coffee and Mocca, without any extras.

If you get hungry, they also serve pizza.

And a great combo is to take coffee from Vision and sit down at a table in a Thai cafe right right outside the door.

Delicious Thai food, generous portions — and very cheap. 3 of us together we usually had dinner for 100-120 baht. Order coffee first, it may take some time to wait.

Both the taste of the drinks and the atmosphere — are created by the owners. Vision and his girlfriend P.D. run the place, they tried to hire staff — but it made coffee taste not the way that it was intended.

Therefore, they work personally. Always super-friendly and will support a conversation on any topic, with a client of any age))

Для Лёвыча Вижен готовил специальный синий чаёк из с мёдом и лаймом, холодным.

Vision always made a special blue tea with honey and lime for Leo. Cold.

Or hot.

And blue milk, without dyes — made from blue Thai orchids that grow near their house.

So, if you come to Chiang Mai — be sure to drop by. Here’s a point on the map:

Wishing you strong delicious coffee! Ciao!

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