Everything You need to Know about Skiing in Georgia

There are 5 ski resorts In Georgia, located in completely different parts of the country.

These are Bakuriani, Gudauri, Goderdzi, Khatsvali and Tetnuldi.

Gudauri and Bakuriani are older, more equipped and untwisted. Goderzi is located in Adjara, but it is still being developed. Hatsvali and Tetnuldi are in Mestia, also quite new.

Prices are approximately the same in all resorts.

High season lasts from December to April.


Bakuriani is located 15 km from Borjomi, 160 km from Tbilisi and 300 km from Batumi.

The resort is located at an altitude of 1700 m, the maximum height of the ascent is 2850 m.

Trails are certified by FIS, there are options for both children and beginners, as well as for experienced riders.

There is a track for tobogganing, you can ski to the Tskhratsko pass 13 km from Bakuriani, to a height of 2780 m.

The cable car is open until late evening, and the trails are well lit. There are many accommodation options, both in hotels and private homes.

To get to Bakuriani from Tbilisi you can:

  • use «marshrutka» (private minibus) or a bus from the metro station Didube;
  • by taxi;
  • order a car with a driver (convenient service in English);
  • rent a car and go by yourself.


Gudauri is a ski resort at an altitude of 2153 m, the maximum height of the lift is 3300 m.

It is located 120 km from Tbilisi along the Georgian Military Road and 50 km from Verhny Lars.

The cable car works not only in winter, but also in summer. So if you want to climb to a 3000-high mountain easily and without straining — go to Gudauri)

There are 8 routes of different levels of complexity, all are certified by FIS. Bonus for beginners — the trees are below the tracks, so they will not crash into them.

Gudauri is famous for its freeride — besides the trails, there are excellent conditions for off-piste skiing.

There are instructors, a rental of equipment and a children’s ski school.

To get to Gudauri from Tbilisi you can:

  • use «marshrutka» (private minibus) or a bus from the metro station Didube;
  • by taxi;
  • order a car with a driver (convenient service in English);
  • rent a car and go by yourself.


The Tetnuldi Ski Resort is located in Svaneti, 15 km from Mestia. Very close to the famous Svan towers.

It opened in 2016, so the infrastructure is still limping. There are no cafes, hotels on the territory yet. You can stop overnight in Mestia.

There is 1 ski track and 1 chair lift. This winter they promise to open new tracks and lifts.

To get to Mestia from Tbilisi you can:

  • go on a small plane from the Natakhtari airport — for more details visit vanillasky.ge;
  • use a minibus from the metro station Didube;
  • go by taxi;
  • order a car with a driver.

And from Mestia to Tetnuldi you can go by taxi (it will be a big SUV).


The ski resort of Hatsvali is also located in Svaneti, also close to the Svan towers, 8 km from Mestia.

It has been opened in 2011, but there are still a few tourists. Probably, because it’s not so easy to get to Mestia in winter)

There is a cable car in Hatsvali, 3 trails for experienced skiers and 1 for beginners, there is space for freeride.

On the territory you can find a rental of equipment, a hotel and a cafe (located in the hotel).


The Gorerzdi ski resort is located in Adjara, just 110 kilometers from Batumi.

That is why it is wet and snowy here, and this resort has the biggest snow cover.

Has been opened recently, in 2016, so it’s development is just beginning. The height is 2200 m.

There is a two-level cable car. The first station is for amateurs, there you can go up in the booths, the second station is for professionals, the chair lift goes there.

Infrastructure is still weak, but you can already find houses nearby, where you can stop for a night.

How to get to Goderdzi:

  • It seems that location is nice & convenient, you can rest on the sea in Batumi and ride in the mountains. I have to disappoint you, it’s not so simple. You can only get to Hulo village quickly & without any problems. But then the asphalt road ends, and you can get there only on a high SUV, and at a speed of 20-25 km / h.
  • You can order a car with a driver.
  • You can rent a car (but it should be only an SUV).
  • You can take a taxi from Batumi.
  • You can reach the minibus 77 from Batumi to the village of Hulo, and from there to Goderzi — by taxi.

Have a pleasant trip with nice snowy weather! Ciao!

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