About drinking water in Thailand

Things you should know about drinking water to stay safe & healthy in Thailand.

Can I Drink the Water in Thailand?

Don’t drink tap water in Thailand. Don’t use it to clean your teeth & try not to swallow water while swimming in the pool. And  be careful when you’re washing your food.

What concerns ice — most of businesses use the commercial ice made by ice factories from purified water. Thay are usually tubular in shape.

Where to get drinking water

Bottled water can be bought almost everywhere. A pack of six 1.5 liter bottles costs about 50-60 baht.

But if you stay for a long time and drink a lot of water, as is required to stay fit in hot climat, then you can look for cheaper options.

Option 1: drinking water delivery in 20 liter bottles.

When you order for the first time, you will have to pay the deposit price of the bottle, and the water itself will cost around 20 baht for 20 liters.

Option 2: pick up water yourself at public watermatches. They are usually easy to find, located near the laundries.

Water prices vary a little bit, ususlly costs around 1 baht per liter.

Водомат в Таиланде

Watermachines are easy to operate. Throw a coin.

Как пользоваться водоматом

Put a bottle inside.

Как пользоваться водоматом

Push the green button and water will start running. Push it again to stop. Be careful, sometimes you can make a fountain at this point)

Как пользоваться водоматом

Repeat the required number of times, depending on the number of empty bottles you have.

We usually combine: once a week or two weeks we buy bottled water in a store, and then we replenish in watermachines. You can’t use the same plastic bootles for a long time — they start to smell bad, so I don’t think it’s safe to drink from them, better to change.

Wishing you pleasant and carefree rest in Thailand! Ciao!

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