Land Split — a must see in Pai

Quite an unusual place which in basically just a garden of a local farmer. Perhaps the strangest garden you can imagine)

Once upon a time there was a thai farmer, who lived happily growing some fruits, herbs and other plants on his land. Suddenly 2 earthquakes happened and spoiled hopelessly most of his site.

What did the farmer do? He call the place «The Land Split», paved a path with bamboo railings along the faults.

Made a route for walking inside them.

When you stand there it feels like you’ve come into a canyon, or even into the Jurassic park)

It is really difficult to imagine that this place only looks like this for less than 20 years, and before that it was just another farmer’s land with rosals, bananas and other plants growing peacefully on it.

But this is only a small part of why the Land Split is worth coming here. The most valuable thing is the hospitality and wide generous soul of the host.

With a friendly smile, immediately upon meeting, he offers you a cup of rosal tea. Don’t you refuse, it’s divine!

By the way, rosals for the drink grow right here.

He put cool hammocks and chairs under a thatched roof, where it is even more pleasant to try those nuts, bananas, pumpkin chips and other snacks that the farmer offers.

And also, you can ride from the mountain on such an vehicle. Feeling like you’ve met The Flintstones)

It is poorly controlled, so the game can be in part attributed to the extreme.

It is a rather dangerous activity as you can’t fully control the direction.

We didn’t expect that, but got really impressed. From the place itself, too, but first of all — from the man that owns it. All that I mentioned above is for donation and we were happy to support his small business. And he even gave us more bananas and a pack of pumpkin chips to go. They were delicious and it was very nice of him.

Обязательно заедьте сюда, если будете в Пае. Заодно удобно посмотреть и бамбуковый мост среди рисовых полей, тоже интересное место.

Be sure to drop by here if you are in Pae. It is located not so far from the bamboo bridge among the rice fields, which is also an interesting place to see, so you can visit both of them at one time.

Have a nice trip! Ciao!

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