Koh Samui

Samui is a beautiful island with many beautiful places worth visiting. These are elephant nurseries, waterfalls, temples, and platforms for meeting the sunset.

Districts and beaches of Koh Samui

Let’s talk about beaches and districts of Koh Samui. Whisch are better for vacation or long stay?


Best Gifts from Thailand

What to bring home as a gift from your trip to Thailand, if you are not a big fan of Chinese fridge magnets.


Bangrak Fish Market

At Bangrak, not far from Big Buddha, there is a fish market, where you can buy fish, seafood and some other local products every day. You can find out the place by smell, or rather, stink) But fish is always fresh here.


About drinking water in Thailand

Things you should know about drinking water to stay safe & healthy in Thailand.


What to expect from your holiday on Koh Samui

Some tips for those who are going to have a good rest on Koh Samui.


Samui Travel Guide

A detailed instruction for those who want to go to Samui on their own, but do not know how. What to expect from rest or living there, when and why to go, what to see, how to plan everything yourself and much more.